An Easy Romantic Sight-Singing Series

In this series, Hank Beebe has captured the splendor of the Romantic period without deviating from his fluid, easy-to-read compositional style. Beginning with simple, stepwise motion, each volume starts with simple rhythms (whole, dotted half, half, and quarter notes), then gradually adds eighth note pairs, multiple eighth notes, and finally dotted quarters and eighths. Although more chromatically colorful than our Classical series, all the accidentals are kept in the form of easy-to-sing sharped lower neighbors (e.g., la-si-la). Your singers will be amazed at the sophisticated harmonies they are capable of producing — and all while sight-singing!

Vol. 1: Stepwise      Vol. 2: Added 3rds      Vol. 3: Added 4ths        Vol. 4: Added 5ths        Vol. 5: Added 6ths

Reproducible PDFs      $40 / volume      $90 / Five volume set

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