Rhythmic Studies

Happy Rap! — (Speaking Chorus)
Your choir will thoroughly enjoy this break from the routine. You don’t even have to tell them that they are improving their rhythm skills, as they challenge themselves to keep together in perfectly unison speech, through humorous, miniature dramatic scenes in which they become the characters. Audiences will love this, too! Each composition is entertaining enough and of sufficient duration to include in your concerts as a novelty number. The texts are little rhythmic encounters from everyday life. Hank Beebe has created in "Happy Rap!" an innovative, FUN approach to practicing rhythm and improving rhythmic sight-singing skills. Starting with the simple Malone the Monotone, the series gradually progresses to challenging rhythmic excursions for up to four voice parts. Humor and wit abound.
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You've Got Rhythm — (Unison Speaking Chorus)
A complete 3-volume method for reading rhythms, starting with basic notation and progressing step-by-step to the most advanced rhythmic skills. Perfect for the elementary classroom, children learn and practice rhythms through slap/clap/tap and speaking. Volume One explores notes, rests, and simple meters. Volume Two explores compound meter and syncopation. Volume Three explores tuplets, double dots, no meter and irregular and shifting meters.

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