Resplendent Rounds

Resplendent Rounds can be used as an introduction to sight-singing as well as a method for developing vocal independence. It can be used by any group — from beginning to advanced, from elementary through high school and adult. Every page can be used as unison, 2-voice, 3-voice, up to 8-voice canons. Available voicings: Treble, Mixed, or Tenor/Bass with Treble/Tenor on 1 side of the page and Bass on the other. 72 stepwise, diatonic canons. An extensive book of colorful piano accompaniments is also available, to add sparkle and pizazz. iPad/SMART Board compatible. Reproducible PDFs.

SSATB Sight-Singing Series

Requiring only modest sight-singing ability at the start, this series is perfect for SSATB choirs and choirs with a preponderance of female voices. The first four volumes are limited to melodic intervals no larger than a fifth, beginning with basic, straightforward rhythms. All accidentals are approached and left by stepwise motion. The fourth and fifth volumes introduce triadic melodies, syncopation, longer phrases, triplets, accidentals approached and/or left by skip, etc. iPad/SMART Board compatible. Reproducible PDFs.