The Baroque Sight-Singing Series

Canons! Fugues! Chorales! All those forms that made the Baroque period so delightful are employed in this beautiful series by Nicholas Palmer. Beginning with simple, stepwise motion, the singer rapidly develops an excellent reading ability in an artistically satisfying, Baroque world of counterpoint. Melodic imitation between the voices develops the students’ listening skills, as well as their appreciation for the music of this period. Now, even the beginning student of sight-reading can experience the aesthetic exhilaration so characteristic of the Baroque period.

Vol. 1: Stepwise      Vol. 2: Added 3rds      Vol. 3: Added 4ths        Vol. 4: Added 5ths        Vol. 5: Added 6ths

Reproducible PDFs      $40 / volume      $190 / Five volume set

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