The Easy Rhythms Sight-Singing Series (TCB)

This series provides a solid grounding in solfège while avoiding rhythmic complexity. To accommodate choirs with boys’ changing voices (cambiata), each mixed choir version contains one voice part that stays within the cambiata range. In the SATB edition, this is the Tenor part. In the SAB and SA(T)B editions, it is the Bass part. The (T) in the SA(T)B version duplicates the Bass part, but in Tenor clef, creating the appearance of four voices in a three-voice composition—great for choirs with small (or weak) tenor and/or bass sections. For boys’ choirs we provide the TCB editions (Treble, Cambiata, Bass).

                              Reproducible PDFs           $40 / volume            $190 / Five volume set
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5
Stepwise motion adds 3rds adds 4ths adds 5ths adds 6ths

Listen to sample (shown below):


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