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If your choir can sing up and down the scale, they're ready to dive into this series. Every Vol. 1 is completely stepwise and diatonic. This series can also serve as a stepping stone between unison and standard choral voicings. Each two-part volume contains 150 duets (or 300 unison exercises). Boys with changing voices can join in singing the upper voice part (in their own octave), which stays consistently within the cambiata range throughout. Each 3- or 4-part volume contains 30 pages set in both open and close format. Virtually all keys are covered.

                              Reproducible PDFs           $40 / volume            $190 / Five volume set
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5
Stepwise motion adds 3rds adds 4ths adds 5ths adds 6ths

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