The Classical Sight-Singing Series (SAB)

In this series, composer Hank Beebe has succeeded in capturing the spirit and ambience of the Classical period in all its rich variety. Beginning with simple, stepwise motion, exciting chord progressions, spiced with a wide variety of rhythmic devices, create an opportunity for beginning readers to experience the thrill of sight-reading "real music." While basically homophonic, this series is rhythmically challenging. Often, a lyrical melody in one voice part is accompanied by a spritely rhythmic texture created by the other voices. Volume 2 introduces the use of syncopation and the melodic minor. Melodies often alternate among the voices, so that altos, tenors, and basses have the opportunity to sing melodies, not just harmonies. This series employs articulations — staccato, marcato and accents — as well as tempo variations (ritardando, etc.), bringing choirs with limited reading ability to a high level of musicianship.
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Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5
Stepwise motion adds 3rds adds 4ths adds 5ths adds 6ths

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